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Dead Sea Mud


Millions of years in the making and packed with mineral, Dead Sea Mud/Clays behave like electrically charged magnets that pull toxins, absorbs dirt, dead skin cells and excess oils while offering nourishing benefits, leaving your skin feeling extremely soft & clean.
Pores are opened and unclogged, and as the mud mask dries it absorbs excess oils (sebum) which causes acne.
It also has antibacterial properties aiding in the prevention of acne. The skin is also stimulated increasing blood circulation to generate healthier skin cells.

This smooth, ready-to-use sea mud is very high in minerals & because of it’s specific composition it is sought after being rich in chloride salts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, & bromine making it well known for its many cosmetic and health benefits.

SIZE: 220g / 7oz jar.
Do not use Metal utensils - metals may weaken strength of minerals in mud.
Use this pure mud on its own or combine with water, herbal tea, floral waters or oil to create your own customized skin care routine.
Apply mask to face, neck and/body avoiding delicate eye area. Leave on for up to 20 minutes, remove with warm water, pat dry and apply light moisturizer.

For All Skin Types

• Detoxifies & exfoliates
• Infuses skin with nourishing minerals
• Increases circulation
• Improves general skin health
• Alleviates dry skin
• Anti-aging
• Absorbs acne causing oils while shrinking pores
• Prevents future oil & dirt build up
• Softens & tightens skin

100% Pure Natural Dead Sea Mud - ready to use.

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